Saturday, 10 December 2011

JYC 2011

Although I'm not managing to blog much, I am managing to keep up with the JYC prompts.  Having the pages already pre-made has definately helped.  I play catch up every few days, when I can squeeze in a crafty moment.  I had originally thought I would just journal this year, but looking back over Christmas photos gone by, I have decided to add them in between.  Some from this year and some from prior years - they may reflect the subject of the prompt or they may just be because I like the photo.  This will probably happen when I have a few days off between Christmas and New Year when I have time to locate all the photos etc!

Here are my pages so far. Hopefully by the time you read this I wil have caught up again and done 7,8 and 9!

Excuse the rubbish photos due to lack of daylight but if I don't take them when I can grab a moment, I'll never take them.

The whole process is helping me enjoy the month of December, instead of getting stressed about how much I have to do. 

Have a Christmassy weekend whatever you are doing!

Friday, 9 December 2011

Look what I won!

Everytime I think I have found time to blog something else crowds in and demands my attention.   The to do list appears to be getting longer but the time to get it done shorter. No different to most of us I suspect at this busy time of year.  However I did want to stop by to tell you about lovely parcel of goodies that arrived in the post last week. 

Ruth hosted a blog Christmas giveaway and I was one of the lucky winners!  I was so thrilled when I read about it on my way home from work last week, especially as I had such an awful day!  However I was even more thrilled when the parcel arrived.  Just look at all this Christmas loveliness.

All I can say is "wow" and thank you so much Ruth for such a lovely prize!

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Let the Countdown begin

So we are all set.

The girls advent calenders are ready with chocolates popped into the pockets. 

I made these for the girls a few years ago and they come out each year.

Even Honey and Bunny are ready!

And completed this morning a "brownie" advent calender with a good turn in each match box!

Are you counting down?


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