Friday, 2 March 2012

Still Plodding on!

As regular readers will know I have been creating a 2011 album which I didn't really start working on until nearly the end of the year.  In February I challenged myself to get the July and August pages done and I'm pleased to report I succeeded in this challenge.

The first page shows my youngest at her leavers concert for the infant school she attended.  The journaling tucked in the pocket tells of how emotional I was (I cried all through!) as my baby was moving on.

As usual - two middle pages.

And the final page shows my oldest's birthday celebrations.

In order to get these done, I am keeping the layouts fairly simple which is not my normal style.

The first August page shows the annual camping trip we go on with 5 other families each year.  Its one of my favourite layouts in the album.

Again the divided pages.

And the final page, documenting our trip to Cornwall.

So March will see me turning my attention to September and October.  I think I am beginning to see the end in sight!

P.S - many of you have asked if I am doing a 2012 project.  Well I am - not quite the same format.  The photos are all sorted - I hope to put it together in the next few weeks.  Lets hope I can keep up with this one!


Jane said...

lovely pages.

Jimjams said...

You are doing really well with this Lynn - love the photos in that first page

Alison said...

Well done for getting those done...I cried all the way through Kirsty's Leaver's Ceremony too- she was SO embarrassed!
Alison xx

Sian said...

I am a big concert crier too. We have a big Easter concert coming up - I was going to write a post about it but then I got tearful and had to stop!

I love the fresh look of your pages - very appealing

Jo said...

Gorgeous pages and great photos


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