Thursday, 1 March 2012

My Month In Numbers - February

mmm - this should have been posted yesterday, however work got it the way......

As it is the last day of the month 1st March, its time to talk February numbers . 

Please check out Julies blog (the original number cruncher!) to find out all about it.  And also her post recording her month in numbers.

Here are mine;

17 - the number of years Johny Boy (as we call him) as been our next door neighbour - in fact the whole time we have lived here.  At the beginning of the month he moved out.  We were all sad to see him go - in our ever changing lifes its nice to know that somethings stay the same - thats how it was with John.  He was always there with a smile and a wave and now he is gone.

45 - the number of people who attended our first Messy Church of the year.  We were not sure what would happen as we have moved the venue from the local school to our church buildings.  I think everyone had good time, despite a freezing cold church (ongoing heating problem) and flickering lights (caused by weather conditions we think).

- inches of snow that fell at the begining of the month.  Just enough to enjoy but not enough to cause too much disruption to normal life.

380 - the number of girls that took part in the amazing Gym and Dance show put on by the oldest's school.  She took part in two dances and throughly enjoyed herself.  The standard was of the highest order, it was well organised and very entertaining - we were very impressed.

93 - the number of miles that the girls travelled to get to Bristol for their Thinking day event.  They left at 7.45 in the morning and did not return until 7pm.  They were both very tired but had had a fantastic time.

So that was my numbers for the month - what about yours?


Julie Kirk said...

Goodness, your first number made me quite sad ... and he's not even my neighbour! I hope you get someone equally as lovely in his place.

Until I started reading through everyone's Month in Numbers posts - I'd forgotten all about the snow! [Maybe it was wishful thinking now that Spring seems to be on it's way!]

Thanks for joining in again Lynn, you're on the board with everyone else:

Julie :-)

Jane said...

love the messy church idea!

Sian said...

I waited on purpose til today - just in case I missed anything momentous yesterday! I didn't, but, hey, you never know..

We still have had no snow here at all. Not even a snowflake! Strange

Amanda said...

I had 'chilly' numbers too let's hope that March records something warmer and some nice new neighbours for you.

Nathalie said...

Lovely snowy photo! I was extremely sad when one of our neighbor who I barely new passed away a few years back so I understand your first number :(

Sandra said...

Sorry to hear about your neighbour moving, I'm sure your new neighbours will soon become friends :)

jennifer said...

Oh, I used to love thinking day! I'm glad they enjoyed themselves. Sorry about your neighbour moving :-(


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