Tuesday, 29 May 2012

My first 2012 page!

So its May and I've scrapped my first photo of 2012.  You may recognise the photo - it got a mention in my January month in numbers post here.

It tells the story of how the youngest decided one Sunday morning that her farm animals needed to have plaster casts applied.  This involved tearing up tissues, spraying with water and slapping on the animal! You gotta love her style!

I have been pondering for a while whether to do 2012 album along the same lines as 2011.  I was reluctant to commit to a format until the 2011 album was complete.  Whilst pondering I have been taking Shimelle's Cover to Cover" online class which has given me lots of food for thought in terms of album organisation.  As I wrote the other day, the 2011 album did become a chore towards the end.

So after all this deliberating I have decided to let my 2012 album run without any set format.  It will probably contain a whole mix of page formats etc but will run chronologically.  Because I have now organised my photos by month and am going to print them each month, I will not "worry" that I am going to miss anything - it may take me a few(?) years to get all the stories down but that doesn't phase me like it used to.  It makes me happy to know where I am going, however long it takes.


Sian said...

The plaster cast story is a classic!

I admire your planning. I tend to hop about all over the place scrapping a bit of this and a bit of that. It doesn't always work!

Alison said...

Like Sian, I hop from year to year..hope you find your new 'system'more enjoyable!
Alison xx

Gem's Crafts said...

Love the LO, and the story you've told! I tend to jump about in my scrapping and none of my albums are properly organised, LO's just go in in the order that I made them!


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