Monday, 26 November 2012

hello Monday

hello blog, I'm sorry I neglected you for so long.

hello blog friends, I'm hoping we can become reacquainted again.

hello twitter, just dipping my toe in but I think it's going to be fun.

hello journal your Christmas, a plan is beginning to formulate.

hello Mum and Dad, we are glad to have you back.

hello storytelling Sunday, what tales will be told?

What are you saying hello to this Monday?


Alison said...

Great to see you back Lynn..I had noticed a few comments from you and hoped you were about to re-appear..hope all' well with you and the family!
Alison xx

Ginger said...

Hi Lynn!! Nice to see your post this morning :)

I am saying hello to December Daily/JYC and my cookie exchange! Lots to look forward to as the season moves full tilt ahead!


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