Friday, 30 November 2012

JYC 2012 - Getting Ready

I had almost decided to not even attempt JCY this year as looking at all that is currently going on in my life, I thought why add another thing to the list!  However when the odd post started to pop up here and there and then Shimelle announced the class had had a revamp, I began to think perhaps I would.

My track record of completing my album is not great - I joined the class in 2009 and managed 4 pages!  2010 saw no attempt made but 2011 saw an album created.  So what was the difference last year?  Well firstly I treated myself to Shimelle's Christmas in the box and only used those supplies and I pre-made all the base pages. Whilst I couldn't manage a page a day, it was fairly straightforward to catch up.

The problem to be solved was could I find a manageable way to do it this year?  Far too late to pre-make some base pages.  However I did dig out a 5-7 paperchase album I have been saving and I ordered some basic supplies.  These are all now gathered together in a box.

Hopefully using my new phone, I will manage some photos each day, maybe a tweet or a blog post, gather some thoughts along the way and eventually get them down on paper?  Who knows but I'm going to give it a try.

Let the Christmas countdown begin!


Jimjams said...

Good luck - I'm completely unprepared for this ... taking some supplies to my crop tomorrow and will see what happens!

Alison said...

I THINK I've decided to join in..let's see what this week brings..looking forward to watching everyone else's develop!
Alison xx

Sian said...

It looks like you have made a great start! I don't think i'll be joining in this year, but i'm going to be enjoying watching everyone else

alexa said...

Having everything together in a box will be a big help, I'd think, in making it swifter and easier to do. Looking forward to seeing how it goes. (My track record for completing is not great either :)).


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