Saturday, 26 March 2011

A busy Saturday

Firstly some retail therapy with my eldest daughter, who helped me to pick out a dress in the Monsoon sale to wear to an awards dinner I am attending in April.  Note the close up of the size - since New Year I have been doing WW and have managed to drop a dress size.  This makes me smile.

Whilst in Monsoon, I also picked up these cute note books and may have to make a return visit for the matching iPhone cover!

Then it was home for some of this - well needs must when visitors are expected!

Meanwhile, the youngest experimented with trampoline tennis!

The oldest worked on her project about France and finished it.  Hurray!!

And preparations were made for our Earth Hour party taking place later.

What did you do today?


Sian said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog today - I have managed to do some of the thing on my list!

I smiled at the trampoline tennis - that's just the kind of thing mine get up to too :)

Very best of luck with your blogging adventure - your background is gorgeous. I love it!

Amy said...

Hi Lynn :-)

I hope you thoroughly enjoy Shimelle's class, I loved it when I first participated and I am loving it this time around too!

Like Sian, I also really like your background.

Lisa Echerd said...

Congratulations on losing a size!

Alison said...

Lynn, I am doing WW too and have dropped a dress size sine New Year-it feels good doesn't it? Keep up the good work!

Sandra said...

Thank you for stopping by and saying hello at my blog, I'm glad you're enjoying the BFS class, me too :) Well done on losing your weight, what a lovely dress.

StacyC said...

Great way to document your day! Stopping by from Shimelle's blogging class. Way to go on the weight loss too!

Sian said...

Lynn, you would be very, very welcome to join in Stortelling Sunday :)

Kimberlee said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. What a gorgeous dress. And congrats on getting in a smaller size. Very inpsiring.

Sounds like a nice weekend. :)

Denise said...

Hello, just visiting from BFS - I love those cute notebooks :-)

Miriam said...

Congratulations on WW, Love the dress. This is a nice way to do a post x


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