Thursday, 10 November 2011

Am I allowed to mention the C word yet?

As it is now November, I think I can post about Christmas?  Well anyway if you can't bear to consider it until at least the first of December please look away now.

Some years I make my Christmas cards, some years I don't.  As always it depends on time. I don't stress and am quite happy to buy if I don't manage to get them done. This year I hadn't really given them much thought and then the very talented Mary Anne posted some Christmas printables on her blog - here and here.  Anyway I thought why not and over the weekend I produced these;

As they are simple in design and construction, I managed to make nearly 30 in only a few hours. 

If you not ever visited Mary Anne's blog do take a look as there is a lot to inspire you and she is very generous with her ideas. 


Sian said...

Yeah, go on! You can say it! Your cards are fabulous - I'm very tempted by the idea of turning out so many with such great results. many printables is the way to go for me too :)

Gem's Crafts said...

Wow, you've made 30 cards already! That's impressive :) I think its fine to mention Christmas now, especially as I'm going to start getting my Christmas Journal ready this weekend using the ideas on Shimelle's blog :)

Alison said...

Love the cards...and I'm playing Christmas Cds already!
Alison xx


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