Tuesday, 1 November 2011

A litte rant and some more 2011 album pages

Sorry but I need to indulge in a little rant today - not something I normally do here but some things need to be said.  Yesterday I was expecting a delivery of a new mobile phone for my eldest daughter.  I waited and waited and then at 4.20 got a text to say they had called but there was no-one in!!  Well as you can imagine I was a little surprised at such news as I had been in all day!  Anyway then ensued many conversations with many people, who could not help me until 5.30 I eventually got someone who did! Sadly by this time it was too late to get my phone delivered so it should arrive today.  What makes me so cross about the whole episode is that at every turn, no-one wanted to take responsibility for the problem - "oh its not my job/department".  To me good customer service is about someone listening to my issue and then doing everything they can do to sort it out - not passing me from pillar to post having to explain the problem yet again.  In fairness the final man I spoke to did just that but by this time I had steam coming out of my ears!!  Too often these days when you phone a call centre, they have not been trained to deal with problems that are not on their "script"!   In my book if you take a call from a customer with a problem you should take ownership and sort it out.  Anyway rant over now.  I am sat here waiting for the phone and also a call from the delivery company to explain what went wrong yesterday - call me cynical but I don't hold out much hope for either!  I'll keep you posted.

So lets move from the negative to the positive.  I had a great time at the crop on Saturday.  Thank you for those that offered advice - you were right - everyone was lovely and friendly and very willing to lend out anything I'd forgotten.  It was fantastic to meet people that love scrapping like I do and totally "get" it!  There were two ladies new to scrapping - a mother and daughter and I think by the end of the day they were totally hooked.   

Anyway in between the chatting I managed to complete my February pages from my 2011 album, so I was pleased.  I think what I enjoyed the most was not being interrupted to have to feed children/find things/empty washing machines - you know the normal stuff that goes on at home!

Its going to be a monthly affair and whilst I can't make the November date, I will be able to go in January. I can't wait.


Sian said...

How annoying is that? My rant this morning is about the new Google Reader interface. I loathe it! Ooh, you're right, it feels good to just put it out there..

Best of luck with the phone! I'm still loving those pages and the backgrounds you are using

Jo said...

I totally agree with your rant, it is so annoying. I hope the phone turns up.

Love your pages

Alison said...

Hope you feel better getting it off your chest...it IS very annoying when that happens. Glad you enjoyed the crop
Alison xx

Ginger said...

I hope everything is better, but that is so frustrating! Your layouts are gorgeous though :)


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