Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The hardest job?

I can hardly believe we are nearly at the end of February - where does the time go?  I thought I would show you another art journal page I worked on last week.

This time I tried a double spread.  It is a painted back ground with scraps stuck on and then some stamping.

The words really express how I am feeling about being a parent at the moment - don't worry no major issues - just the general feeling that sometimes I am jogging through mud!!  Although my girls bring me the greatest joy, they also challenge my parenting skills.  No-one told me it could sometimes be this hard and that at times your heart could break.  There is no handbook to give you the answers and you just hope you are doing the right thing.  I'm sure every parent has felt like this.  I just keep reminding myself that "this too will pass" and sometimes you have to go through the dark to appreciate the light. 

I am enjoying creating these pages - learning to let go, experiment and just see what happens - which is something I'm not prone to doing on a regular basis!


Jane said...

that's just how I'm feeling at the moment, as they get older you sometimes have to sit back and let them get on with it, such a hard thing to do for a mother!
Thanks for your comment on my blog x

Sian said...

Yep, they don't come with a rule book! Sometimes you just have to make it up as you go along - and that counts for parenting and creating :)

Alison said...

It's certainly a steep learning curve...love your artwork!
Alison xx


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