Friday, 13 May 2011

Teddy Bear Teddy Bear Touch your Toes

Have you ever wondered what Teddy Bears get up to when you are not looking?

A spot of climbing on the clothes airer! 

Say hello to our collection of Build a Bears" which live with us. (For those of you not familiar with the term "Build a bear" a note of explanation - these are Teddy Bears you build yourself at the "Build a Bear" shop.  Once they are bought to life, you can buy all manner of clothes and accessories!) Anyway let me introduce them - top row left to right we have Pinky, Blush and Flo and bottom row left to right we have Lola, Dotty and Charlotte.  There is actually one more - Lily - she was upstairs having a nap when the climbing was taken place.  Believe me these bears have a bigger wardrobe than me and a shoe collection to rival Imelda Marcos!  And of course when we go on holiday, we have to pack for the bears and even have a bear tent for when we go camping. Many an hour is spent playing bears in this house, and they now feel part of the family.  

Here is a layout I did some time ago, when we only had four!  Left to right they are Dotty, Charlotte, Snuggles and Lily.  Sadly Snuggles is no longer with us as she was mislaid in Gatwick Airport last Easter - we hope she is now being looked after by another family - as despite our best efforts to track  her down she was never found. 


Jo.C said...

My 14 year old sorted out a lot of clutter from her bedroom in February but she still keeps her bears and you are right they can challenge me for shoes and clothes and that is saying something :0)
Great post.

Sian said...

We have a few build a bears round here too :) And I still have my bear my aunt gave me when I was six months old. I've never spotted him climbing though!

Becky said...

We have one build a bear here, which Penny had for her 18th birthday and is dressed like Sherlock Holmes! Love your layout and love the idea of them having their own tent :)


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