Thursday, 5 May 2011

Whilst I'm away working....

So we arrived home  from Disneyland Paris late on Sunday night.  We had the most amazing time and we returned full of happy memories.  Here are just a selection;

Two very excited girls on the platform at St Pancras

Flying on Dumbo - the oldest's fave ride

Meeting Minnie Mouse ( and a few other characters as well!)

Zooming in a rocket with the youngest

Watching Daddy being a pirate!

and best of all - the parade

It truly is a magical place!

So how do you scrap over 500 pictures!  Any suggestions would be gratefully received.


Sian said...

I have no idea! We went to Disneyland Paris at Halloween bout five yers go and I still hven't scrapped any of the pictures.

It looks like you had a wonderful time

Jimjams said...

If you get any decent suggestions please share - we did Florida in 2001 and those photos are in a traditional album. In 2004 we went again and most of those photos are still on the PC!
I then found scrapping in 2005 and the prospect of all those Disney memories just too daunting. Printing would be a first step I guess!

Glad you had a great time. I can almost feel the girls' excitement in that first pic :D

Alison said...

We LOVE Disneyland Paris! My suggestion is to make multi pic pages.....I have really enjoyed doing our Disney Albums, but you have to be quite strict about picking out pics!
Alison xx

WendyB said...

500 photos is a LOT but you have some cracking shots there and the weather looked gorgeous. One thing I've done before is to scrap my absolute favourites and include a pocket into which I've slipped a CD with a copy of ALL the photos on. You could perhaps do a mini book with the CD at the back :-)

WendyB said...

Ooh, just remembered you can create a CD stick on cover thingy (what are they called) that you could cram some more small photos onto too.


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