Thursday, 13 October 2011

2011 Album - progress made!

Back here I posted about my 2011 album and showed off my March pages.  Since then I've done nothing more.  But as we approach the end of the year, I am in finishing mood and I do want to complete the album.  Over the weekend I managed to do my January pages, which document our New Year in Okehampton.

Whilst I'm not coordinating all the way through the album, I am doing so for each month.  Both full page layouts use the same background paper and I used the same paper range for the patterned paper. Between these two pages will be a divided page protector - this is not quite done as I need to get some more photos printed off.

Whilst I had the album out, I organised the photos for the February and April pages - I just need to add the journalling to the divided pages and complete the actual pages.  I've also started to compile a photo box order for May/June/July and August.  There seems like a lot to do but I am determined to complete it.

What about you - as we approach the final few months of the year are you finishing off!


Jimjams said...

You are shaming me into thinking about getting on with my 2011 album - I have 2.5 months done - I hit a wall in May when I took almost no photos and haven't touched it since.

Getting photos sorted would be a start - that, and less blog hopping :P

Sian said...

Er, last years Journal Your Christmas? I just needed to decorate my album cover and it's done now.

I love this idea for an album - even if you don't make any other pages all month this seems like a really worthwhile project!

Gem's Crafts said...

Fab LO's, and well done for deciding to complete the project :) I've given up on mine, I'd only done January and February then got pregnant, & can't face doing the rest!

Alison said...

Lovely pages...I have the final page of last year's JYC to do and my PROJECT 12 last saw light in April!
Alison xx

humel said...

This looks fabulous :) What a great idea!

I need to finish off my Week In The Life project from July.... There was no way I could finish it before we went away for the summer, but of course it got put on a back burner after that! I've done all the planning and journaling, but I need to size and print the photos and add the extras. Ideally by the end of the year...!

alexa said...

I know the feeling ... I have pages awaiting too on a monthly basis. I like the idea of having a colourway for each month, and I love your clean design but with lots of detail. So is there a double-page spread for each month with your top photo on the left and your second on the right, then a page of divided page protectors inbetween?

Jo said...

Great layouts. I didn't get my 2011 album off the ground so I'm just going to start it in 2012 :)


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