Saturday, 8 October 2011

Starting to Explore again.

Back at the beginning of the holidays I signed up for Shimelles Explore Class.  I started well, making the "playbook" and completing the first two prompts. And then I was not so good as summer madness took over.

Anyway bearing in mind that Shimelles no stress mantra, I have dragged it back out and I'm determined to complete it, but am not going to worry about how long it takes me.

Prompt 3, involved maps and making establishments using circles.  Below is my page from my playbook;

Back before we had children, hubby and I did alot of walking and have accumulated many OS maps, which I photographed.  I enjoyed using the maps in my crafting and will definitely use this idea again.  On the back I journalled about my eldest daughters transition to secondary school and how I need to remember to take a step back and let her "find her own way"!

Whilst I'm here I like to thank you all for your lovely comments  - I'm so glad to be back in the swing of blogging again.  I have been trying to comment myself but at times blogger is not behaving and I can't work out why.  

Enjoy your Saturday what ever you are doing.


Jo.C said...

I love this page - really liking maps at the moment. I've just done a similar one today - like that you have punched the butterfly from a map too :0)

Sian said...

You aren't the only one I've heard about having problems with Blogger. They need to get it sorted out sharpish!

I love the connection you have made on this thoughtful layout

Alison said...

I had to sign out tonight and then back in again before I could comment! Love your map embellishment
Alison xx

angelfish (fiona) said...

This looks great, but then it has lots of things I like: maps, kraft, circles and butterflies :o)

Sandra said...

You're giving me the push I need to pick up my playbook as well


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