Tuesday, 4 October 2011

New Beginnings

One of the reasons that my blogging took such a break was that September bought a complete change of routine in this house due to the "new beginnings" that happened in our house.

My eldest started Secondary school - a big step change for her and the rest of us.  Not only is she responsible for getting herself to and from school, getting 3 or 4 pieces of homework a night takes a lot of organising!  The good news is that she has coped beautifully and is really enjoying her new school.
So now it is just the youngest on the daily school run, something she has taken to adjust to as up to now, big sister has always been there.  She has also moved from infant school to junior school and although they are next door to each other, she has had to get used to new buildings, teachers and rules.

And finally after two years of unemployment, my husband went back to school as well!  He has totally changed career and has started work as a school bursar at a local primary school.  He is really enjoying being back in the world of work and the challenge of his new role.

Me - my job has been to guide us all through these new routines and find ways to make them work.  As half term approaches I think I can stop holding my breath, knowing that we have all made it through this period of change.


Sian said...

Gosh, that's quite a change in routine. I like the way you have staged this with a wise owl to guide them all!

angelfish (fiona) said...

Big changes for you all! I hope the new routines continue to run smoothly. You certainly seem to have your blogging mojo back :o)

Word verification = stablize!

Sandra said...

What a busy month it's been for you, but all good and positive

humel said...

A lot of new beginnings! Congrats to your husband :) And well done to both the children, too! Changing school is a big thing - my boy started secondary last month too, and the homework is definitely the hardest thing to get used to!

Jimjams said...

WOW - quite an upheaval and a lot of adjustments to be made. Many congrats to your hubby - mine was "at home" for 18 months and the relief/increase in self-esteem was enormous when he finally returned to work. On the plus side we got a lot of help with the two boys university costs during that time!

Alison said...

New beginnings indeed!...glad to hear they have all settled!
Alison xx


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