Saturday, 25 February 2012

Unusual Saturday....

Why?  Because it is 9.30am and I have the house to myself - not for a few hours but the whole day! The girls went off at 7.30am on a Brownie/Guide thinking day event in Bristol - they won't be back until 7.00pm tonight.  The hubby is on an all day training course with church.  Me - I'm getting my craft on - (in between the loads of washing).  Whilst I do love having my family around me, it is nice once in a while to have the place to yourself and only please yourself!  I've already started one layout - just waiting for some paint to dry.  I wonder how many layouts I could complete in a day?

In my recent blogging absence - caused in the main by half term, followed by the youngest being ill - I have managed to squeeze a little crafting in.  You may recall in January that I blogged about my goal of being more organised with my Cards - you can read about it here.  In that post I had managed to make cards for all friends and family up until March.  So the other Sunday I decided to get a few more months done and dusted.

I have now managed to do all female cards up to the end of the year.

And yes your eyes to not deceive you - that is a Christmas card in the middle!  I thought that each time I was making cards, I would try out a Christmas one to try and find one I like!

Now do excuse me, I must away to my desk and make the most of my unusual Saturday.  Enjoy yours whatever you arde doing.


Fiona@staring at the sea said...

Wow! I'm super impressed at your forward planning. I love the two with squares and a butterfly.

Jo.C said...

Lovely cards - the recipients will be very happy with them. Have fun x

Alison said...

A Christmas card!!...I AM impressed. Hope your day has gone as you have hoped
Alison xx


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