Thursday, 19 January 2012

Card Organiser

Last year I was pretty rubbish at sending out Birthday cards to my nearest and dearest on time.  I lost my way when the electronic gadget we were using as a calendar went away for repair.  Upon its return, I could not remember my password and so could not get back into my calendar.  In the end I gave up and resorted to a paper calendar.  However this did mean that I had to write in all my important dates from memory. Closest family faired okay but not so well my friends.

Anyway a new year and a new start!  Having emailed round for the required dates, I have now got them all on my calendar.  But this year I wanted to be more organised - a) I wanted to try and make all my cards and b) have them ready in advance.

In order to assist me in my plan, I decided to make a card store, divided by months.

This is simply an old washing tablet container to which I have added dividers.

The plan is to make the cards and file in the appropriate month.  So far I have been able to file away cards ready for January, February and March.  Some of them were already made and some I have done over the last few weeks.  Below is the one I have made for my brother who is 40 in March!

Now I just need to remember to post them on time!


Jimjams said...

Brilliant idea Lynn - I'm going to nab that one if I may - one of my 2012 goals is to remember birthdays is good time and another is to make more cards with scraps - this would really help me get organised!

Sian said...

What a wonderful plan this is! Very ingenious. And you have reminded me that I need to copy all my birthdays from last year's diary into this year's..thank you! Though, really I'd be better spending my time making one of those..

Gem's Crafts said...

What a fab idea, and I love your 40th birthday card :) I rely on my phone for all my birthdays!

Alison said...

What a good the card too!
Alison xx

Jo said...

That is a really great idea


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