Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Coming to an end

Not so long ago, the youngest was experiencing many firsts - her first day at school, her first Christmas concert and her first Sports day.  Now she is in her final weeks at infant school and everything is coming to an end.  On Friday she said goodbye to her Monday/Friday teacher (who also happened to be the eldest year two teacher when she was at the infant school) as she was going on maternity leave and this week she had her Sports day.

In a few weeks time, she will have her leavers concert - I'm pretty sure tissues will be required! As I said in my post here - they days are long, but the years are short.


Alison said...

I remember DDs Leaver's Assembly at First School....I wept buckets (and she was totally mortified)! Definately take these tissues!
Alison xx

Jo said...

It all goes too quickly, I just scrapped a picture of DD at nursery - it felt like only yesterday she was there but she's going to be 17 next week! Tissues will definitely be needed!


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