Monday, 20 June 2011

Monday memories

This was taken in May 2008 on a trip to Cotswold wildlife park to celebrate the youngests 4th birthday.  She is with my brother in law - "Uncle Simon".  It was a lovely day out, although a little damp at times!  It is one of the very few photos on the calender I have already scrapped.

Looking back at old layouts, its interesting to see if my style has changed?  I'm not even sure if I have a style - but one thing that does stand out is that my early layouts tend to be quite flat, whereas now I try to add more depth.  Also I seem to like putting buttons on - usuallly in a group of three.

What about you - do you have a style and do you think it has changed over time?


helena said...

lovely LO - I love blue with brown. My style has not changed much since 2007, when I settled into a simple, graphic style. I do experiment with other styles sometimes but always return

Sandra said...

Oh it's really lovely, I think it's great when you start to see your own "style", although I do like to mix it up a bit.

Sian said...

My style has changed in that after I made a few papges I did a class about design and that helped me a lot! I do like a bit of experimenting too though.

Lovely fun page today


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