Friday, 24 June 2011

On its way.

Firstly - thank you all for the lovely comments you left about my layout on my last post.  They really mean such a lot - not many people close to me really "get" my need to play with pretty paper, so its nice to have my work appreciated!

So, in late July my hubby is off to Rwanda for two weeks.  He is part of a small team going out to do electrical work in a school and hospital.  As you can imagine such a trip has involved a lot of planning, none more so than sourcing the equipment they will need when they get there and then how to get it there.  Well this week, it all started to feel that bit closer as the shipping crate was packed up and dispatched.  And because I have trained him well, he took a photo of the crate!  Perfect for blogging and scrapping!

Lets just hope it arrives in time and in one piece!


Alison said...

Good training Lynn...mine would never think to do that!
Alison xx

Sian said...

It's a great picture - it's one of those ones you look at and wonder what the story is behind it

Sandra said...

Well trained :)

humel said...

Great photo, good for him :) I hope it travels safely, and that he does too in July.

Oh, and I love that layout of yours too, though I'm a bit late in saying so! It's gorgeous! xx


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