Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The sound of silence.

Silence was indeed the sound, when on Saturday we found ourselves child free!  The oldest was away with the school on an activities weekend, and the youngest was at a party.  Not one to waste an opportunity, I decided to drag out my unfinished sewing projects. 

Now I have sewn ever since I can remember - my Mum made many of my clothes and taught me.  I did my needlecraft O level in my spare time as I couldn't fit it into my timetable.  At college I made three of my ball gowns plus a few others for friends.  I was costume manger for two college productions.  Over the years I have made many furnishings for our house and since  the children have arrived I made clothes and fancy dress costumes for them.  And just recently I have found a love for quilting.

However I do not sew as much as I would like, mainly because of the time factor.  Where as I can make a card, or scrap a page in a relatively short time period, sewing takes more effort.  Hence many unfinished projects!   Therefore a whole afternoon of uninterrupted crafty time, seemed to be the perfect opportunity to get them finished.

A mobile phone case which I have given to the eldest - she loved it.

A pin cushion - because I needed one.  I have cut out some more of these to make for our Church Summer Fayre.

A cute little purse from a pattern in an old sew hip magazine - also more in the pipe line for the summer fayre.

A pretty button up bag which could be used for make up? 

A bag made from an old pair of jeans - this was an experiment.  I may make more if it meets the approval of my eldest daughter.

Another cosmetics bag - this is a cloth kits kit I got when I subscribed to sew hip.  I intend to use this to store our phone chargers etc when we travel.

It felt great to get all these done!  I now feel I can give myself permission to start some new projects!

How about you - do you have many UFOs hanging around?


helena said...

well done - so many beautiful items finished. I remember having a bag made from old jeans as a teenager - happy memories

Gem's Crafts said...

wow you are a very clever lady :) they all look professionally made. I hope the extra ones you make sell really well at the craft fayre :)

Alison said...

Beautiful projects thing I DON'T do is sew!
Alison xx

Sian said...

That's some collection of beautiful finished up projects! I love to sew too, but you are definitely right about the time thing. I think I probably have more unstarted projects rather than unfinished ones

Lisa-Jane said...

LOVE that jean bag. I have a couple of pairs of outgrown jeans - do you have a pattern? And I would use that cosmetics bag for my pens as I don't wear make up :-)

Jimjams said...

Love your sewing projects. Such lovely varied applications and great fabrics. The jeans bags is especially clever and I think I could do with a bag for holding all the chargers too ... I use my machine a lot, but only on LOs at the moment!

Jo said...

Wow I really love what you've made


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