Tuesday, 31 January 2012

My Month In Numbers

Over at Notes on Paper, Julie has been blogging her month in numbers since January 2010. Over 2011, I noticed that others were joining her and so in 2012 I decided why not. It has also formed part of my "how am I going to record 2012" converstation that has been going around my end all through January - more of that in another post. For now lets just concentrate on my numbers;

92 - the combined number of lengths the children and adults teams from All Saints church managed to swim in an hour at the annual Swimmarathon. This resulted in raising over £800 for charity - half going to the local Lions and half to the Rawandan project hubby worked on in the summer last yer.

5 - the number of boxes received from graze this month in my quest to snack more healthly. Loving them!

8 - the combined number of meetings that hubby and I have attended this month. He is a governor at the local junior school and I'm clerk to the governors at the local infant school. We also have church meetings we attend. We are hoping February will have less!

3 - the number of farm animals (not live!) that were covered in wet tissue as my youngest practised her plaster cast skills!

1 bronze ballet medal passed with distinction and 1 very proud Mum who watched her!

2 - the number of penguins created by my youngest. The top one was made at brownies in Marzipan. The other is her own design using a empty munch bunch bottle, cotton wool and cut up black pom poms!

I am planning to put these into a page but for now I'm just enjoying the counting the numbers.

If you are interested in what other people have been counting try looking at the Pinterest Board!


Julie Kirk said...

Hi Lynn. Lovely to have you joining in and with such a great post.

Those penguins are adorable and that cat looks spookily realistic!

You're pinned to the Month in Numbers board now: http://pinterest.com/notesonpaper/my-month-in-numbers/

Have a great February.

Julie :-)

Fiona@staring at the sea said...

I'm very happy to see no animals were harmed in the making of this month in numbers. I was slightly concerned, after seeing what looked like a mummified cat on Julie's Pinterest board!

Jimjams said...

I too was wondering just what had been mummified! This Month In Numbers is my Project 12 type attempt for 2012 - how are you doing with your Project 12 for 2011? I know you managed way more than I did!

Nathalie said...

The cat definitely got my attention! Glad it was not a live one! :) Enjoyed reading your numbers :)

Nanna Kate said...

Aw how cute are those penguins?! Specially the marzipan one. I loved Brownies, oh how I miss it, wish there was one for grown up girls! (think it's probably the WI!) X

Suzie said...

Oooh I love Graze boxes :) And well done to your daughter! :)

Amanda said...

I must admit to being a little worried when I saw the picture of the cat it even has an alarmed look on it's face :) I've often wondered what those Graze boxes are like, I'm assuming nice judging by your number.


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