Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Finishing off!

January is normally a time for rushing into new projects and challenges.  Indeed there is certainly plenty to inspire at this time of year, as you wander around blog land.  I certainly have a few things I want to try this year and some projects in the pipeline but for the moment I want to concentrate on finishing some things off.  

For the next few months I am concentrating on my 2011 album which I have shared with you before.  I have to say my interest was beginning to wane, especially as I haven't touched in for a few months.  However the other day I pulled it off the shelf and my other half started to look through, commenting how great it was to wander through the year's memories.  This was the push I needed to get going again.

This weekend I completed the pages for May

As always 1 large layout to start - this time celebrating the youngest birthday.  Then the divided protector pages follow.

And the final page records our holiday in Ireland at the end of May.

So that is now January - May complete.  The photos are printed for June, July and August.  My aim is to have completed June by the end of January - maybe more if time allows.

So what about you, are you for finishing this month or getting your teeth into something new?


Sian said...

I love that green and brown paper - perfect for Ireland pages. I have had lots of deadlines this month - creatively, next month should be a bit lighter

Gem's Crafts said...

I love your May pages, keep going with it, your 2011 album will be fab at the end of it :)

Ginger said...

Great photos for your month of May :) Love how your album is looking. I'm not doing much creatively, just trying to keep up with a few other things :)


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