Thursday, 14 April 2011

And I sometimes scrap!

Yes its true, I do sometimes scrap and here is the proof!

Rubbish picture of the actual layout.  How do you lovely people get such clear pictures of your layouts.  Any hints and tips would be greatly appreciated.  This one was particulary difficult as the background paper is very pale. However I'm pleased with the actual layout - I am trying to get more dimension to my scrapping as sometimes my layouts seem a tad flat.

This is one of my fav photos of my girls, taken in the Park on Mothers Day last year.  I cannot claim credit for the photo - it was taken by my brother in law's partner Frederick who is an excellent photographer.  Just so you can see, here is the actual photo!


Sian said...

The dimension is fabulous - bumpy layouts are my favourite kind!

To take pictures - lots of folk recommend laying your page flat and standing on a chair so you are right over the top of it. I can never do this straight, so that's why I prop most of my layouts up in a bright spot. I have only recently got Photoshop Elements, before that I used the free Picasa downlaod to lighten, brighten and crop. Hope that helps :)

Alison said...

Pretty LO Lynn. I don't stand on a chair, but I DO put my LOs on the floor( a tiled floor, so that helps wit straight edges) and stand over it-I still don't always get it straight though :)
Alison xx

Jimjams said...

Yup another stick-it-on-the-floor-by-the-patio-doors-lined-up-along-the-laminate-joints person here :o) I'm tall, so no chaire standing required, but you do have to make sure the camera is parallel to the floor or you get distortion (can be fixed in Photoshop I believe). At night I blutac the page to a door, adjust the WB for electric light and take a vertical photo.

Beautiful page though - love that frame!

Maya said...

Gorgeous layout, Lynn! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier today! I also usually take pictures of my layouts but standing above them and trying to keep the camera straight. I use Picasa to crop and I almost always use "I am feeling lucky" button to adjust the colors. When the weather is nice I take the pictures outside when the layout is vertical and I usually leave some background.


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