Sunday, 10 April 2011

Definitely not a day of rest!

So the plan was simple - spend the afternoon in the lovely sunshine sewing the binding on my quilt and then take a photo of said quilt to show you all.  Well you can see by the lack of photo, that once again life conspired against me.  Instead the afternoon was taken up with washing, tidying and all manner of other stuff I won't bore you with.  Suffice to say Sunday was definitely not a day of rest here!  So apologies for such a short post but I'm just plain exhausted.  I hope you all enjoyed a more relaxing time than me. 

PS - in case you were wondering I had a lovely time at Ally Pally - a full report will follow later in the week.

1 comment:

Sandra said...

Glad you enjoyed Ally Pally and looking forward to seeing all your goodies. Never mind about the quilt ... they'll be other sunny sundays you can work on it :)


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