Friday, 8 April 2011

And then the day was gone!

So come on, which one of you stole the hours out of my day!  I've been planning to sit down and blog since about 9.30 this morning and here I am at 11.05  Not my ideal time of day to try and compose a post but such is life.  So anyway its Friday (well for an hour at least) and here are five reasons why this makes me happy;

1.  Term finished today! My girls are now off for three weeks!  The school has moved some inset days so they don't go back in between Easter and the Royal Wedding.  So this means a break from dragging them out of bed, making packed lunches, reading the endless letters from school, nagging about homework and all such things related to making mornings somewhat stressful at times. 

2. This gorgeous warm weather! I was nearly tempted to dig out the shorts today but decided the shock might be too great for passers by.  

3.  My Mum and Dad are back from Spain today!  We have missed them, especially the girls.

4.  I'm off to Alexander Palace tomorrow to visit the Big Stamp and Scrapbook Show.  A lovely day to myself, with the added bonus of being able to look (and maybe purchase) lots of lovely new stash.

5.  I managed to squeeze in a few crafty hours today, working on my quilt, making some cards and starting a layout.  Very productive.

I hope you all had a happy Friday too!


Maya said...

3 weeks out of school in the middle of the school year? I am not sure I would appreciate it LOL Our one week spring break is over and on Monday my girls are back in school.
Enjoy the Scrapbooking Show! It is always fun!

Alison said...

Enjoy the Scrapbooking show...I am very jealous! Hope you enjoy your time with your girls over the(long!) Easter break
Alison xx

Abi said...

lovely card, what beautiful colours! Enjoy the show, sounds like it will be great fun! xxx

Sian said...

Enjoy yourself at the show - I hope you find something nice to buy (and photos are always good..)

Sandra said...

How lovely, have fun at Ally Pally. Looking forward to seeing what you buy :)

humel said...

It wasn't me! Have you seen my missing hours by any chance?! Love your happy list, and your happy card :-)


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