Tuesday, 5 April 2011

A lunch date and a cake sale!

I met my eldest for lunch today!  Every year around Mothers day, her junior school invite Mums into school to have lunch with their children.  With nearly four hundred children can be a noisy affair but it is lovely all the same. As the children get older you don't get many opportunities to share their school day. Anyway I had cottage pie followed by sultana sponge and custard - both of which were delicious.  My daughter would not let me take any photos - you know how it is when you are a cool 10 year old!  However I did photograph the posy of flowers I was given.  Aren't they sweet.
So onto the cake sale.  This was held at my youngest's school.  It was to raise money for children in Japan.  To say it was manic was an understatement.

All the cakes looked yummy - lets hope they raised lots of money.

PS - thanks for all the positive comments re my calendar post from yesterday - I have decided to call it "Monday Memories".


Jo said...

That is a lovely idea and I'm glad you enjoyed your lunch at the school. My daughter always groans if I get the camera out! Looking forward to Monday Memories :)

Cathy (Katy) said...

What a lovely way for Mum's to share the day with their kids. And a great way for the kids to feel they're helping others. Your Monday Memories sound cool.

Sian said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate Mothers Day! I would have really enjoyed that when mine were little. I'm another one looking forward to Mondays, then.

Miriam said...

What a lovely idea, I would love to have done that when my boy was young, and the posy is very pretty.


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