Saturday, 2 April 2011

An up and down sort of day!

Saturdays can tend to be rather manic around here - lots to do and not enough time.  Whilst the eldest daughter was off at the cinema with friends we did the weekly food shop.  It is usually done via the Internet and delivered but as I did not get organised, it was back to the old fashioned way.  Not my favourite activity but the youngest seemed to enjoy the self scanning!  How much would you pay?
The afternoon proved rather frustrating, as I really wanted to get back to my quilt, but had a myriad of other things to attend to. I'm afraid when this happens, it can bring on a rather foul mood.  The eldest and I attempted to make fudge, which she is hoping to sell at an enterprise sale at school this week.  It was not a huge success, which did not help the aforementioned mood.  It is currently setting in the fridge but I am not hopeful of the results.  However the chocolate brownies we made were much more successful and we will definitely try these again.  They also improved the mood slightly!

So sadly no quilting today, as now I am simply too tired!

Hope you enjoyed your Saturday, however you spent it.


Sandra said...

I should think the brownies will help the mood, plus knowing you've got quilting to look forward too, will help :) Enjoy your weekend.

mary ann said...

Hi Lynn, do you have a good fudge recipe that you could share? I had a great one about 10 years ago, but have misplaced it - am always on the hunt for a good one.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Cathy (Katy) said...

Hi Lynn, just poopping in from BFS to say I love your blog and I truly empathise with "procrastinating" and "goal setting". And those brownies look delicious!!

Miriam said...

Ooohh yes, they look wonderful & I haven't had breakfast yet!!


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