Saturday, 30 April 2011

April Goals revisited.

Back on the first of the month I decided to make public my crafty goals for April.  You can read about them here.  So now we have reached the end of the month, how did I get on?

1.-  the quilt which I started at the end of March - well its finished. 

Do you like it - I do?  This is only the second quilt I have made, but I do enjoy the process.  The fabric is flannel, so it is a baby quilt.  I do not have a recipient in mind, so may donate it to my church for the Summer Farye raffle.

2. Remember this?

Well I turned it into bunting. ( The eagle eyed among you may have spotted it on this post.)

I enjoyed this project and am pleased how it has turned out.  I am going to make some for my office in the loft.

3.  My 2011 album - mmm not much progress here apart from buying some pp at Ally Pally!  However I have given the format some thought and also decided to do March first, as this is fresh in my mind.  The photos have been printed.  Watch this space.

4. Five layouts.  Well I have done one so far!  You can see it here.  

5. Continue to blog - well a big tick here! I have been blogging over a month now and am absolutely addicted!  I am currently taken Shimelles "Beyond Blogging" class, which is giving me lots of food for thought for the future.  I'm not rushing into make any changes, but concentrating on my content and finding my voice.  As this develops, I am going to use the ideas from the class to move my blog forward.  Thank you to all my vistors and followers - I really appreciate your kind comments and feel like I am making some lovely online friends.
    So did you have any goals for April and if so how did you get on?  

    Check back tomorrow, to find out what I have planned for May.


    helena said...

    love that quilt

    I'm impressed you sewed each bunting piece - I used pinking shears for the string I made for my Mum's garden

    Alison said...

    Your quilt and bunting are fantastic! I reckon you've done pretty well with your goals...and I'm now addicted to blogging too!
    Alison xx

    Jo.C said...

    Well done the quilt is fantastic and I love the bunting. I'm very similar to you, managing to keep up the blog and reading others but not doing as much scrapping as intended but getting there. Like the idea with your goals.

    beccaf1970 said...

    Beautiful quilt and bunting!

    Carol Anne said...

    I like the quilt! Using strips instead of squares or triangles is inspired. It's something that even I could do (I am SO not a quilter!). Love the bunting, too.

    Sian said...

    That quilt is absolutely gorgeous! If you do donate it, I can see it becoming a BIG money spinner for them. I'd buy a ticket!

    Melissa said...

    That's a great quilt - hard to believe it's only the second one you've made. (My family is full of quilters and Mama just brought me a new one this weekend! I, of course, have no need to quilt with all that talent already in the family. LOL) I posted my April preview a little earlier today. Sounds like you did fairly well on your goals.

    Jo said...

    THe quilt is gorgeous, I love the colours

    Rachael said...

    Finally had the chance to look at your blog… I do think I will be picking your brains, all help needed! Love your quilt, it looks gorgeous and your bunting is fab, I love how something so simple can transform a room.

    Rachael x


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